Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Contemporary Small Bedroom Ideas

One of the most popular themes of bedroom decor nowadays is the 'contemporary theme' or the 'modern style'. Contemporary style decor calls for simplicity. It makes the bedroom look bigger, clean and uncluttered. Here are tips to help you achieve the contemporary look in your bedroom: De-clutter:First of all get rid of all the clutter in your bedroom. De-cluttering would help create abundant space in the room. You can use a dressing table, dresser, armoire or a bed with storage capacity to help you organize and store things. But make sure that these pieces of furniture gel in well with the rest of the furniture and the overall theme of the bed room decor. Placement of bed:To give a contemporary look to the bedroom, get a bed that is lower to the ground. A bed that rests on a base rather than on a raised frame has a more contemporary touch to it. If possible, place the bed in the middle of the room so that the room looks more spacious. Furniture:For a contemporary bedroom, use dark colored woods, glass, contemporary sofa and dark metals. Dark furnishings add an elegant and sophisticated touch to a bedroom. Decorate the room with pieces of furniture that are simple in line and form. Avoid curves or ornate markings. Stick to the furniture which is beautiful and functional too. Use a couple of bedside tables on which you can put a piece of artwork or something useful such as a clock, books or a lamp. However avoid bulky designs that look cumbersome. Large bedside tables may offer ample storage space but they cover up too much area around the bed and make the surrounding space look less.

A smartly designed, sleek dressing table with a full length mirror and a small chest of drawers, and if possible, a draw-out stool can make your bedroom look very stylish indeed. Rugs in white, black or beiges compliment the whole contemporary look. However, do not crowd the bedroom with too many furniture pieces. Color:For a contemporary bedroom, opt for white, black, and chocolate brown colors and use one accent color, be it red, yellow or green. The best thing about these colors is that they go well with most of the modern pieces of furniture. Accessories:For a contemporary look, less is more. So keep accessories to a minimum. However it doesn't mean that you don't use accessories at all. Decorate the bedroom with sleek vases or artwork. But do not go overboard as too many accessories will diminish the whole contemporary look. Simple lines are great, but avoid ruffles, lace, and fringe. Framed black and white photos, wall hangings or abstract art can add a new dimension to bed room and make the walls come to life. You can also adorn the room with items that reflect your tastes and personality. Lighting:Lighting plays an important role in adding a whole new charm to a bedroom. Add a sleek bedside lamp or hang an artistic chandelier (nothing too big) to bring about a contemporary feel to the bedroom. The key to a contemporary look is 'the simpler, the better'. Have minimal accessories and use beige, black and white colors. Lots of people nowadays prefer contemporary style as they like the simplicity of the design. If you take care to choose your decorative items wisely, you will have a fantastic looking bedroom as well as more space to move around without difficulty.


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